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Natural Attractions To See On Skye

Skye’s Natural Attractions

Old Man Of Stor on SkyeNature enthusiasts will appreciate the astounding beauty of the Isle of Skye, which is known for a number of scenic landscapes and attractions for everyone. Here is a roundup of the finest places to visit in this part of Scotland, as well as the things you can expect from these remarkable sites.

Spar Cave

This impressive cave has an extraordinary structure that resembles a cathedral and you will be astonished by its majestic height and mystical interiors. In addition, you will find a lovely flowstone staircase that looks as though it is constructed from marble and there are massive columns throughout the cave, which have been formed from water that has dripped through the limestone for hundreds of years. As you look up, you will discover the cave’s discoloured roofs caused by torches and candles brought by visitors centuries ago. Although there are some changes in the natural beauty of the cave, it still exudes a certain kind of magic that will blow your mind away.

Fairy Glen

There is something magical and fantasy-like about the Fairy Glen, which makes it one of the most frequented spots here in the Isle of Skye. However, it may be a bit tricky to spot this area because there are barely any road signs that point the path towards this scenic spot. However, you will not find yourself lost as you search for the Fairy Glen because it is only a short distance from the main A87, on the southern part of Uig. As you keep walking and exploring the place, you will notice that there are so many things to see in this remarkable place. You may choose to visit the area just behind its highest point, which is called Castle Ewen. Just the overall ambiance of the place will captivate and enthrall you, which locals often account to the fairy magic existing in this breathtaking place.

Cuillins On The Isle Of SkyeDinosaurs at Staffin

As you stroll along the beach situated at An Corran, in Staffin, you will come across enormously large footprints of dinosaurs that once roamed across this area millions of years ago. In fact, experts say that the gabbro rocks of the Cuillin were formed by the glaciers during the last ice age about 11,000 years ago, on the Isle of Skye. Considering the age-old footprints that were carved by these enormous creatures, the whole idea of touching and feeling them gives a kin of connection from these dinosaurs that once lived in this world. According to scientists, the dinosaurs that lived in this place were called Ornithopods, or a type of herbivores. Other types of dinosaurs that lived on Skye included the Stegosaurus and Cetiosaurus and you will find clusters of footprints on the beach. If you want to have a better look at these prints, make sure you check them out after a winter storm where there is barely any sand left to cover these prints.

Explore these fantastic places on the Isle of Skye and reconnect with the past as you learn more about the interesting stories behind these scenic places.

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